6 comments on “The Vacation is Over

  1. Mr. Wolf,
    I am so happy for you and your new job. I do understand the fears and what ifs with the lost hours of the day, but us dreamers…we don’t work on 24 hours a day. We tick our own clocks along. We make time- somehow. It may be a struggle until you pace your clock, but you will get it all in. Somehow. I love the photo, btw. The west coast is simply beautiful.

    • Yes, it will be interesting how time works out but I have no doubt that those things most important to me will always be managed in. Thank you, I use to walk the pier everyday at lunch. It is beautiful.

    • The motorcycle is still up in the air but I’m thinking seriously about it especially with the price of gas. I should be making that decision in the next two weeks or sooner. I miss my old one though…nothing like flying down the road on the edge with Mr. Death, lol!

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